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Ratchet & Clank 1

On planet Quartu (Orxon, in the European version), an assembly line is producing large, destructive robots when suddenly there is a quality control error, and a small, curious robot emerges from the facility. The robot encounters a video recording on an infobot. Horrified by its contents, the robot escapes the planet in a spaceship, only to be shot down over the planet Veldin.

On Veldin,(in the zornox nebula) Ratchet is constructing his own spaceship when the robot crash-lands near Ratchet's home. Ratchet is eager to leave Veldin in his ship, but can't without a vital component: a robotic ignition system. Ratchet recovers the robot from the wreckage, nicknaming him ''Clank''. Clank shows Ratchet the infobot, which contains a recording of Chairman Drek of the Blarg race. In the recording, Drek explains that his home planet has become so polluted that it is now uninhabitable. Drek's solution is to build a new planet for his race by extracting large parts of other planets, destroying them in the process. Fearing that Drek will destroy the galaxy, Clank asks Ratchet to help him find the famous superhero, Captain Quark, in an effort to stop Drek. Equipped with the latest of robotic ignition systems, Clank agrees to start Ratchet's ship in return, and Ratchet agrees.

They crash-land on Planet Novalis in time to foil Drek's plans and find a new infobot and a better spacecraft. Heading to Planet Kerwan, the duo get a new Swingshot by completing an obstacle course, and get Clank upgraded by giving him a helipack upgrade which allows Clank to glide along with Ratchet.

The two soon arrive in Blackwater City on planet Rilgar, where they encounter Captain Qwark. Qwark encourages them to prove their status as heroes by completing an obstacle course at his headquarters on the planet Umbris. When they finish the dangerous course, Qwark offers the two their reward. Though Ratchet is hesitant to accept, suspicious of Qwark's motives, Clank urges Ratchet to be trusting. Unfortunately, Clank leads himself and Ratchet into a trap laid by Qwark, sending the two into a cavern surrounded by lava. Here, Qwark reveals that he is working under Drek in order to become the spokesperson for the new Blargian planet. Qwark leaves the two to fight a monstrous Blargian Snagglebeast.

After defeating the Snagglebeast, Ratchet becomes increasingly bitter towards Clank, angry that he let Qwark get the better of them. Clank urges that they continue their quest to confront Drek, though Ratchet seems to be obsessed with getting even with Qwark. After taking leads that point them to several other planets, Ratchet carries out his revenge on Qwark in a space battle. At the end of the battle, it is evident that Drek has begun an attack on the nearby planet. As he witnesses the devastation Drek is causing, Ratchet comes to understand that he must be stopped. Ratchet apologizes to Clank, admitting his selfishness in focusing on Qwark.

Now combining their efforts on tracking down Drek and protecting the galaxy, Ratchet and Clank learn that Drek has developed a weapon called the Deplanetizer. Drek aims to use it to remove a planet from the desired orbit of his newly constructed planet. The specific planet Drek schemes to destroy is in fact Veldin, Ratchet's home planet, which enrages Ratchet to a startling degree. On Veldin, Ratchet and Clank finally meet face to face with Drek, who is moments away from obliterating Veldin. Drek reveals to the two that it was he who polluted the Blargian home planet in the first place, and he plans to do the same to, and make more money from his new planet after the Blargs have purchased all of the living space. A fierce battle then ensues, after which Drek is presumably killed in his struggle to escape. Clank notices that during the struggle, the Deplanetizer had become inverted, and is now pointing at Drek's planet. The two activate the weapon, and the planet is destroyed, sending meteorites down towards Veldin. The two narrowly escape the meteorite shower together. Afterwards, Ratchet notices damage on Clank and asks if he wants to be repaired and as the game ends they walk off together as a team.

Ratchet & Clank 2 : Going Commando

After defeating Drek in the previous game, Ratchet and Clank become celebrities. However, things start cooling down after a while. After an interview with Behind the Hero, Ratchet and Clank are suddenly teleported to the Bogon Galaxy by Abercrombie Fizzwidget, the founder and CEO of Megacorp, a company that makes everything from household appliances to heavy weaponry. Fizzwidget asks the duo for their assistance in recovering a stolen biological experiment, called the Protopet. Ratchet receives weeks of training to prepare him for the missions he will be assigned. (This training includes Martial Arts, Heavy Weaponry, Survival Skills, Stealth, Macramé, Ballroom Dance, Sniping, Space Combat, and Origami.)

Ratchet is equipped with two of the most useful weapons in the game, the Lancer (a machine gun), and the Gravity Bomb (a bomb launcher), and is sent to a flying lab in Aranos and to search for the Protopet. Eventually, he finds the Protopet in a cage only big enough to fit the biological experiment, on a pedestal. The thief reveals himself, and Ratchet attempts to lie: "Woah woah,hey now! I'm just here to fix the... 'Transfluxer Coil' ". The thief takes the protopet, and leaves the ship. Ratchet returns to his ship and contacts Fizzwidget, saying that the thief escaped and he had no idea about the whereabouts of the thief.

Ratchet is given coordinates by Fizzwidget and chases the thief across several planets, eventually confronting the thief on the frozen planet Siberius. He defeats the thief, reclaims the experiment, and returns it to Fizzwidget. Later, after Fizzwidget "accidentally" ejects Ratchet and Clank from their ship, the thief approaches, demanding the experiment back, not realizing that Ratchet gave it to Fizzwidget. The thief's mask comes off accidentally, and it's revealed that he is actually a girl, Angela Cross. After learning that the experiment has been handed back to Megacorp, she warns that it will ultimately doom the galaxy.

On planet Dobbo, Ratchet and Clank discover that Angela's claims are true (the experiment turns out to be a dangerous predator), and try to persuade Fizzwidget to destroy the experiment, but their efforts are in vain. The duo then stumble across an ad for the "Protopet" (the experiment), which is being prepared for mass release. On planet Boldan, Ratchet and Clank are captured for "attempting to bump off" Fizzwidget (at the point when they are captured, Ratchet is threatening a poor-quality robot Fizzwidget look-a-like). They are sent to a prison, but escape and try to rescue Angela, who has also been captured by the Thugs. On Planet Snivelak, the Thug Leader leads him to Thug City, where he reveals his gigantic robot with Angela imprisoned in its chest. After Ratchet defeats the Thug Leader and rescues Angela, they go to Megacorp HQ to end the Protopet menace once and for all. Strangely for the series, Ratchet seems to have romantic interest in Angela Cross, and Clank has a robot "friend" who follows him.

After they get there, the female Infobot (who then gets zapped by Fizzwidget) reveals that Captain Quark (the disgraced superhero from Ratchet & Clank) had disguised himself as Abercrombie Fizzwidget and planned the protopet menace from the beginning. Qwark was about to use the Protopets to restore his reputation. He takes Angela's Helix-o-morph (a gadget that will repair the fatal flaw in the Protopet) and zaps the original Protopet. But something goes wrong, and the original Protopet mutates into a gigantic monster. When Ratchet finally defeats the Protopet, Clank discovers that the batteries in the Helix-o-morph are in backwards. Angela corrects this, and after she zaps the original, amplifies the device with Megacorp's TV transponders to cure all the Protopets in the galaxy, ending the threat once and for all. The real Fizzwidget then appears, having been tied up in a closet the whole time. Ratchet picks up the smashed Infobot and repairs her. In the end of the game we see Ratchet, Clank, Angela and the Infobot back at Clanks's home where they find out that Qwark is now paying back for his misdeeds at the Megacorp Testing Facility, unwillingly being a test subject for Megacorp's new Crotchitizer.

Ratchet & Clank 3 : Up Your Arsenal

Channel surfing past Clank's new TV show, "Secret Agent Clank" (a spoof of James Bond), Ratchet and his robot companion Clank stumble across a news report about his home planet, Veldin, which is under attack by an army of aliens named Tyhrranoids. The lead suspect is a mysterious villain by the name of Dr. Nefarious. After racing to Veldin and being mistaken for the new sergeant for the Galactic Rangers,Ratchet and Clank are contacted by the President on the whereabouts of the only man who has ever defeated Nefarious. It turns out it was Captain Qwark, who apparently lost his memory while working to save the Florana Jungle's fauna. He now believes himself to be a monkey. After Qwark and his companion Scrunch (a one-eyed monkey) are led to the ship, they are contacted by Captain Sasha of the Starship Phoenix, has been ordered to assist Ratchet and Clank.

The "Q-Force" (Al, Helga, Skidd, Ratchet, Clank, Qwark, and Sasha) is assigned a new mission to infiltrate Nefarious' base on Planet Aquatos to acquire as much information on Nefarious' plans as possible. They find that Dr. Nefarious is Clank's biggest fan, along with an encrypted star-map to the Tyhrranoids' home planet and base, Tyhrranosis. Nefarious and his butler Lawrence are shocked to see that their base has been infiltrated, and later find out Qwark is behind it. After Al decrypts the starmap, and the group infiltrate the base on Tyhrranosis and destroy it, Dr. Nefarious sends the Q-Force a transmission, still shocked that they actually infiltrated his base and Al traces the transmission to planet Daxx.

Ratchet and Clank arrive at Daxx and learn about the Biobliterator, but it is unknown of what it does for now. Also they find an edited Courtney Gears(a robot-like Britney Spears) Music video with a sublimal message to robots in it, fight the organic lifeforms. The story can head in one of two ways here, one path is to the Obani Moons. Where Ratchet and Clank check up about a transport from Planet Daxx to find out about the Biobliterator. However, access to the last moon, the Obani Draco, is unaccessible due to a "Omega class disintegration shield". Fellow Q-force member Skidd eventually shows up (after dealing with a "distraction", Clank asks if it was enemy robots, Skidd says it was the Drivethrough at Galaxy Burger taking forever). Skidd then attempts to Hack into the Omega Shield while Ratchet and Clank help out the Galactic rangers at Blackwater City.

The other path is to follow up on Courtney Gears, first by winning the 'Meet Courtney' challenge at Annihalation Nation. Courtney will provide info on Dr. Nefarious whereabouts if Clank can get her a part on his show, Secret Agent Clank. Upon filming, Ratchet gets fired from his role in Secret Agent Clank after pushing the ejector seat by accident. Again. The rest of the filming turns out rather well, with Clank's new sidekick  ironically being Scrunch. After shooting however, Courtney knocks out Clank and takes him to Dr. Nefarious. After Dr. Nefarious gives Clank the option to Rule the Universe with him, or be a disgrace to all robots by pairing with the organic life forms. The scene cuts back to Ratchet, and the Holostar Studios where Secret Agent Clank is shot is attacked by the Tyrranoids. Ratchet eventually meets up with Clank, but the player can tell something is up when Clank's eyes turn from green to red. With the filming complete and the Galactic Rangers safe, Skidd gets into trouble related to Courtney Gears after removing the shield on Obani Draco. Ratchet and Clank come to save him, but they are too late as he gets transformed into a robot. Courtney Gears attempts to do the same to Ratchet, but Ratchet defeats her in combat before she gets the chance. Sasha manages to track down Dr. Nefarious on a Star Cruiser called the Leviathan and Qwark is waiting for Ratchet at the Zeldrin Starport to infiltrate.

The Q-Force reaches the Leviathan and finds Nefarious waiting. It turns out that it was a trap, as he activates the self-destruct system and warps out. The Q-Force returns to the Phoenix, except for Qwark, who stays behind, claiming he thought he saw something. Ratchet and Clank fly off just as the Leviathan explodes, still debating whether to leave Qwark behind. Upon returning to the Phoenix, Sasha kisses Ratchet with joy that he made it out. After a funeral for Qwark on the Phoenix, Ratchet flies to the city of Metropolis, which is under attack by Tyhrranoids. During the battle, Nefarious uses the Biobliterator, a machine that turns organic life forms into robots, to turn helpless citizens and Tyhrranoid invaders alike into cybernetic creatures. The real Clank has been the prisoner of Doctor Nefarious ever since an evil copy known as Klunk replaced Clank and met with Ratchet at Holostar Studios. After defeating Klunk, Ratchet and Clank are reunited, and they fly to the planet Zeldrin to investigate the wreckage of the Leviathan. On Zeldrin, they discover that Qwark was alive when the cruiser went down but resolve not to tell the crew that Qwark is alive until they find out why he didn't report to the Phoenix. After discovering the whereabouts of Qwark's Hideout, they fly to the Thran Asteroid Belt to find Captain Qwark, who has abandoned his fight against Nefarious in favour of the comfort and safety of his hideout.

Ratchet and Clank reach Koros, and after battling hordes of Nefarious' troops, Clank uses the ion cannon there to destroy the Biobliterator.However, Sasha soon reports that a second Biobliterator is housed at a command center on planet Mylon, This Biobliterator is even more deadly and is guarded by an entire army of robot Tyhrranoids. Ratchet and Clank fly to Mylon, fight through the command center, and reach the Biobliterator, just in time to see Dr. Nefarious and Lawrence escape. A dropship arrives for Ratchet and Clank to pursue Nefarious to his launch site. At the launch site, Ratchet angers Nefarious, who attacks him. Though Nefarious is much tougher than he looks or acts, Ratchet defeats him. Nefarious and Lawrence then warp into the Biobliterator, which transforms into a giant robot. Captain Qwark flies in to fight alongside them and they engage in aerial combat against Nefarious and the Biobliterator and defeat it. The Biobliterator self-destructs, and Nefarious and Lawrence are left stranded on an asteroid after attempting to teleport away from the explosion. After Nefarious's defeat, Ratchet, Clank, and the Q-Force watch the premiere of the new Secret Agent Clank movie and Sasha gives Ratchet a kiss on the cheek.

To be continued .....