The Ratchet & Clank Fansite

Skill Point 1: Prehistoric Rampage
Shoot down 4 overhead Pterodcatyls in the open swamp area on Planet Oozla.

Skill Point 2: Smash and Grab
Break everything inside the MegaCorp store on Planet Oozla.
This includes everything on all the shelves in all the rooms.

Skill Point 3: Vandalize
Bust up ALL the breakables + slot machines + searchlights on Maktar Nebula.
Porbably have to go through this level 2-3 times to get everything.

Skill Point 4: Clank needs a new pair of shoes
Win 300 bolts (3 bars) from any slot machine on Maktar Nebula.

Skill Point 5: Wrench Ninja: Blade to Blade
Defeat Chainblade in Galactic Gladiators with JUST the wrench on Maktar Nebula.
You may want to wait til you have the Ultra Carbonox Omniwrench 8500.

Skill Point 6: 2B or not 2B hit
Defeat B2 Brawler in Galactic Gladiators without a scratch on Maktar Nebula.
Easier (almost too easy) once you have the Shield Charger defense weapon.

Skill Point 7: Destroy All Breakables
Smash up the Circular City + overhead hover cameras on Planet Endako.
Will have to visit planet 2-3 times. Much easier with box breaker wrench upgrade.

Skill Point 8: Operate Heavy Machinery
Use remote crane + janitor bot to destroy 10 robots on Planet Endako.

Skill Point 9: Speed Demon
Get a race time better than 2:10 in any hoverbike race on Planet Barlow.
Best chance is in 3rd race, Vukovar Circuit using short-cut cave route.

Skill Point 10: Planet Buster
Destroy the big floating globe sculpture in the promenade on Planet Notak.
Blast the rings first, then the 2 spinning balls, then the big floating globe.

Skill Point 11: You can break a Snow Dan
Whack the Snow Dan behind the 1st garage on Planet Siberius.

Skill Point 12: Heal your chi
Find all 80 crystals in the desert and give them to the mystic on Planet Tabora.
Easier and faster with the Charge Boots and several heavy weapon upgrades.

Skill Point 13: Robo Rampage
Turn Lunar City into a parking lot during the UltraMech battle on Planet Dobbo.
Play the boss battle a 2nd time to just destroy all the buildings. Forget the Thug.

Skill Point 14: Dukes Up
Defeat Thug boss by just punching him in the UltraMech battle on Planet Dobbo.

Skill Point 15: Old Skool
Kill all enemies using only old conventional Gadgetron weapons on Planet Dobbo.
This includes, Walloper, Telsa Claw, Bomb Glove, Visibomb and wrench (NO RYNO2).
All new style MegaCorp weapons must be removed from your [Quick Select] menu.

Skill Point 16: That's impossible!
Win the Impossible Challenge in the MegaCorp games arena on Planet Joba.
60 rounds of chaos! 60-70 nano-slots + Carbonox Armor + Shield Charger + RYNO2

Skill Point 17: How fast was that?
Get a race time better than 2:27 in any hover-bike race on Planet Joba.
Best chance is in 3rd race, Joba Circuit using short-cut canyon route.

Skill Point 18: Wrench Ninja 2: Massacre
Take down all the enemies (non-arena) with just your wrench on Planet Joba.
Fight thru the natives quickly and get control of the swivel turret cannons early.

Skill Point 19: Bye bye birdies
Peg 12 pelican birds on Planet Joba.
Zoom-in with Pulse Rifle from a distance while they are standing still or walking.

Skill Point 20: Nothing to see here
Destroy all 4 MegaCorp display rockets on the guided tour on Planet Todano.
Use Megarocket Cannon, RYNO2, or some other heavy-duty weapon.

Skill Point 21: You're my Hero
Save all 10 tourists while on the guided tour on Planet Todano.
Kill all the squirrels first then run back to the start and follow 2nd tour to the end.

Skill Point 22: Try to Sleep
Turn 16 squirrels into sheep using Sheepinator on Planet Todano.

Skill Point 23: No shocking developments
Ride the powerline grindrail without electrocution on Planet Boldan.

Skill Point 24: Moving Violation
Shoot down 12 flying cargo ships on Planet Snivelak.

Skill Point 25: Be a Moon Child
Find all 100 moonstones in the tundra and give them to mystic on Planet Grelbin.
Several treks even at 70 nano-slots. Charge Boots + RYNO 2 + Shield Charger.

Skill Point 26: Midtown Insanity
Rind the graindrail at the train station without a scratch on Planet Damosel.
Much easier with Killinoids + Shield Charger. Last rail jump left to the platform.

Skill Point 27: Safety Deposit
Protect the 4 civilians in the midtown bank on Planet Damosel.
Kill all the protopets and robots on floor + upstairs. Killinoids + careful wrench.

Skill Point 28: Nice ride
Buy ALL star explorer ship upgrades + 1 custom paint job at Slim's Ship Shack.
Need to find 200 pieces of Raritanium through space battles and drill mining.

Skill Point 29: Nano to the max!
Acquire 80 nano-slots of health (fill both bars). The last 6 slots are ONLY awarded
by finding ALL the Nanotech boost stations on every planet in the galaxy.
Enemy nano-bar stops at 72-76 slots, depending on how many stations are left?

Skill Point 30: Weavon Envy
Buy ALL MegaCorp weapons, upgrade everything + ultra mods + mega weapons.
Requires millions of bolts total. Will be on second run thru game. Need both
the Clank Zapper and Zodiac (2,500,000 bolts) to fill all 24 weapon slots.